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“Even secondary parts, notably the blatantly biased judge and his cronies (Flaherty’s Thayer & Frey’s Katzmann),who deny the defendants a fair chance, are such credible characters you want to walk up on stage and wring their prejudiced necks. For they personify Coppola’s point about racism.”  (Coppola - Sacco and Vanzetti)

                                                                                            -Miami Herald

                                                                                              Miami, FL 

“Frederick Frey as Marcello and Tamara Kaufmann as Musetta, both supporting characters but with a sizzling chemistry between them, were the dramatic center of the show.”  (Puccini - La Bohème)

                                                                                            -The Star-Ledger

                                                                                              Newark, NJ    

“Baritone Frederick Frey gave one of his finest performances as Tabor, a Victorian man caught in a 20th-century-style midlife crisis; he sang the part passionately, with sure pacing and a firm and smoothly blended tone.”  (Moore - The Ballad of Baby Doe)

                                                                                            -The Star-Ledger

                                                                                              Newark, NJ 

“Snagging respected local singers like reliable baritone Frederick Frey or commanding bass Lawrence Long may be the luck of scheduling.” (Donizetti – Lucia di Lammermoor)

                                                                                            -The  Star-Ledger                                                                                               Newark, NJ

“…baritone Frederick Frey sang Consul Sharpless in resonant, earnest fashion.” (Puccini – Madama Butterfly)                                                                         -Union-News

                                                                                              Springfield, MA

“Sharpless, in an equally robust performance by Frey, tries to warn Pinkerton he is trifling with the heart of a child, but even he is overcome by the task of telling Butterfly Pinkerton has moved on to another.” (Puccini – Madama Butterfly)

                                                                                            -The Recorder

                                                                            Greenfield, MA

"Frederick Frey's Athanaël was the opera's compelling center. He handled the part's difficult transitions-from the stern, dark music of the beginning through the the gradual softening to passion and the final realization-with ease and a full-bodied vocal line that never seemed overmatched." (Massenet - Thaïs)

                                                                                            -The Star-Ledger

                                                                                              Newark, NJ

"Baritone Frey's all encompassing interpretation of the Lieder brought us as close as possible to the core of Schumann's art."


                                                                                              Graz, Austria

"This baritone is an uncommonly Musical  singer."

                                                                                            -Milwaukee Sentinel

                                                                                              Milwaukee, WI


"Baritone Frederick Frey also stood out, especially in his gently lyrical Qui tollis aria." (Haydn-Lord Nelson Mass - Milwaukee Symphony)

                                                                                            -Milwaukee Sentinel

                                                                                              Milwaukee, WI

"With his resonant, attractive sound, Frey took command of his part quite well through vocal prowess alone . . ." (Orff-Carmina Burana )

                                                                                            -The Beacon Journal

                                                                                              Akron, OH

"For pure drama, baritone Frederick Frey excelled. . . one could finally appreciate his strong high range in The Trumpet Shall Sound." (Handel/Mozart-Messiah )

                                                                                            -The Columbus Dispatch

                                                                                              Columbus, OH

"The two selections Songs of a Wayfarer by Mahler and Requiem in d minor, opus 48  by Fauré were excellent pieces to show off the extent of Mr. Frey's talent.  The beautiful well-rounded tones, which are difficult to achieve in some of Mahler's works, flowed easily as was the basic underlying understanding of the lyrics. . . his voice carries the weight of talent beyond his years."                                                                                             -The Chronicle

                                                                                              Grand Forks, ND